How To Get Wealthy Sugarmama In Cameroon Direct Phone Number

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Connect with Real Sugar mummy Tessy searching for Connects online

Dear Admin

My name is Tessy. I’m actually surfing through the internet in search of Connects . Not men who will pay me but men I can pay to give me maximum satisfaction.

I’m married Incase you are wondering but my husband and I don’t have a connection anymore. We feel nothing for each other. We just tolerate ourselves probably because of the kids and all. And we haven’t shared same room for a good number of years and none of us care about this. Surprisingly, it feels normal. We both reside in Cameroon.

I know he has many girlfriends. In fact I’ve seen him with one but I honestly do not care, I didn’t probe him and we never talked about it. Because I sort of have my own runs.

Every once a while, I go online searching for Connects. It’s a habit. But it much easy as we talk about what we both want clearly before getting to meet and smash. I love how direct online Connects are.

I haven’t really tried sugar mummy site but I believe it’s less judgmental than most Connect and dating site.

So admin, I would appreciate if you continually send me Connects. I’m not a one man kind of woman, I love variety. In fact most recently I’ve been yearn for gang bang. So if you’ll supply me strong men who can participate in this, I’ll pay everyone handsome.

Expecting feedback soon. Thank you.



All the strong men in Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana and all west Africa, east Africa  and South Africa gather here let’s discuss how we can give Tessy maximum satisfaction. 

Interested. Register, follow protocols and notify us on the comment section. 



  1. Hello sweet am Valerie a guy of 22 I don’t like talking too much just give me a try and u well love it am from Cameroon to be presay yaounde I love to meet u my number +237651211487 or mill me on thank feel the love in the air

  2. Hye sm kim,u want to connect with me, heres my no +60167624973,add me on whatsapp, k,trust me,u wont regret, my dear,call me,k

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