This Beautiful Lady Who Lives In An Abusive Home Needs Your Advice


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“Hi, got inspired by stories people have shared. Decided to share mine but the story is about my mum. 

I grew knowing we lived together, I and my mum, then she gave birth to my sis, 6years apart from each other. My mum is the second wife. We go to my dad’s place to spend weekend and sometimes week days. Later, we moved in with my dad after my mum had my sister, to his new house, with two of his step kids out of five of them. Without their mum.

Now to the real deal, since I actually grew to know he was my dad, he nags my mum, wants to fight her at every little thing, he fights her physically sometimes, raining curses and abuses on her.

He treats her like garbage, does not regard her as anything and he believes she is the cause, of his failed businesses.

This is a man that pretends to be nice to people outside, but has the worst behavior in the house. Your parents don’t have to be separated before you say you come from a broken.

Our family has always been broken. They fought one day with a cutlass when I was in JSS 2.

The cutlass into my hands when I tried to separate them, I still have the scar till date. My mum, has never been happy in this house. The secret in this whole thing is he never paid bride price on her. He even cheats on her with his secretary but she does not know.

Please,my mum needs help to get out of this house, because my so called dad is 72, my mum is 51, he shows to everyone that he is Godly, meanwhile he is a very fetish person.

He has no future plan for her. She does not even have any savings at all, where will she start from, when she leaves ?”

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  1. Well your mum has children with him already and they have been together half there life, all she really need now is patience and believe that one day he will Change realising all his mistake, ask for her forgiveness and amend his ways.

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