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My name is Aisha,  I live in Abuja,  and I’m currently a widow seeking a young lover. I’ve been a widow for a 2 years now and 37yrs old.

My husband and I didn’t have the best relationship as he had other wives and mistresses that kept his bed warm everynight while I died. I didn’t want to cheat on him although the marriage as my religion and culture strongly disapproved that.  I have kids I didn’t want to bring shame to them. If for anything, I live my kids so much that I wanted to stay alive for them by all means even if it meant ignoring my hunger which surged through my body everytime.

Well now his mourning period is over, I can happy choose my own lover but I really need help doing that. I want a young sweet boy with really large p between his leg. A strong sweet boy who can pleasure me.  I just want only his services in bed, I love discretion. My privacy matters to me alot. I don’t like news about me flying around my husband’s estate as that’s where I currently live.

I am very wealthy, my late husband money is enough to take care of an entire generation. So let me spoil you as you spoil me sugar boy. 

Get my contact number from admin. Thank you.


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