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The brand new Google pixel 3 and 3 XL initial impressions and so on this is obviously a very highly anticipated device many people in the tech world in the tech community couldn’t understand and couldn’t believe what was going on with the camera in the previous version.

This one claims to be the next level right. The pixel 3 & 3 XL comes in 3 different colour called

Not pink

Clearly white

Just black


These are both 64-gigabyte versions though they will be available also in 128 gigabytes the display on the pixel 3 OLED. In fact OLED on both on the 3 it will be a notch list display at 5.5 inches on the 3xL it will go up to 6.3 inches with a notch and something crazy about both of these is that they have two forward facing cameras that are inside of that notch and stereo speaker so it’s a different type of implementation of the notch in the three aces giving you a wide-angle selfie capability and stereo speakers.

starting with the 3 XL sense for the colour there it’s a subtle hue they brought back some wireless charging finally on a Google device we have wireless charging which is actually glass in the back it’s like a matte finished glass so this will work with Qi wireless chargers. There’s also an official accessory here a wireless charge dock which actually has some special functionality, a speaker grill up in the top as well as at the bottom stereo front-facing speakers this, of course, is a rarity in the smartphone space amongst flagships and other devices as well up here you can see those two front-facing cameras which I mentioned earlier one wide-angle and one standard fingerprint scanner  in a familiar location , though I do like the fact that the glass back is matte it’s resistant somewhat to fingerprints and smudging you have USB type-c there’s your SIM card tray accent colour on your power switch there is a green accent color on the clearly white version a charge brick which yes it happens to be a quick charge brick fast charge capable seven hours of battery life with a 15 minute charge nice to see the quick charge brick in the box to go along with wireless charging.

headphones in the box they are Type C headphones, after all, there is no headphone jack unfortunately on the pixel 3 pixel 3 XL but I guess this is the next best thing you’re getting some bundled type C earbuds and you also get an adapter so you can go from type C to a mini-jack connector if you want to use some legacy headphones or some higher quality headphones that still use this particular connector the type-c cable itself and then also this adapter that goes from type C to the classic USB connector this could be used to migrate over to this device from your previous one

Now the thing about the glass on the back of these devices is it hardly even looks like glass at first I was wondering I’m like is that even glass but I’ve been told that this is Gorilla Glass v soft touch glass and yes it does feel soft there’s almost no fingerprint effect on this glass now the thing I like about this one is it does because like the whole front is black the back is white I mean it’s kind of a nice little touch you get the accent button


The 3XL has a 6.3 inches pixel and 3 has 5.5 inches they’re both OLED, of course, we do have the notch there’s been a lot of discussion about this notch in particular on the XL. I’ve also heard that you’ll be able to turn off this notch in software at a later date so it would actually end up looking kind of like the standard pixel looks here at the top you’d have a similar bezel there if you did choose to do that in software

So you get a little bit more resolution in the bigger one this is QHD+ compared to FHD Plus slightly higher PPI on the XL version also 3Xl is just under 3500 milliamp hours whereas pixel 3 under 3000. The regular pixel 3 it feels surprisingly foreign because you know smartphones especially flagship smartphones have been, I can see this being popular to people who are looking for something a bit more subdued, easier to hold in one hand and somebody with a smaller grip.

It’s super comfy to hold myself I’d gravitate towards the XL for the bigger display, of course, the bigger battery but you still have Bezels here.

Fair now there was a lot of talk about the display on the previous version OLED this looks like a completely new component to me also if you head to the settings you can kind of toggle in your preferences for the display so that it suits your taste buds specifically there’s adaptive brightness which you can turn on some advanced settings here for colours which can go from natural to boosted to adaptive now


That is the trade-off speaking of speakers let’s go ahead, this is crazy loud this is way better than the previous version first impressions here these are some speakers there’s some of the loudest I’ve heard.


what about the camera there’s a lot of pressure on this device to live up to the legend of the previous version pixel, here now you can also employ some degree of digital zoom very interesting if I tap on the face it immediately track focus

About the portrait mode that’s fair very vibrant very wonderful okay nice of course on the pixel there is a portrait mode on the front-facing camera there’s actually also an official beauty mode, you can toggle it off as far as I’m concerned with post-processing when it comes to complexion and things like this that’s got to be an option you gotta be able to turn it off if you don’t want it

They have three settings you can leave it off you go to natural you go to soft or leave it off. The wide-angle selfie which actually is a different lens this will give me a lot more play if I have extra people in the frame where you want to capture something that’s behind, something else to mention about the camera in the Advanced Settings here’s like you have control over HDR+ which will show a manual control for HDR plus if you want to toggle off the processing that’s taking place in your images you can go a step further as you shoot raw plus JPEG so you get the maximum amount of data out of the camera sensor or if you want to make sure that there’s no processing taking place on your images if you’re that type of person. I love having these options available there’s even an option to store videos more efficiently in the h.265 codec instead of h.264 all options that you can toggle on or off.

The back camera is 12. 2 megapixels and the front is dual megapixel which you can select various different settings if you choose to but that’s the default setting now the rear camera is capable of 4k at 30fps and it also features a fused image stabilization using both optical and software-based stabilization.

For video, now there’s another feature in here called top shot which will take a motion image and then through that set of frames it will aim to select the best frame automatically this whole thing is a movement its suggestion is recommended

Now speaking of selfies is also a photo booth option allows you to just smile to trigger a photo it takes a feature like this to get a real smile


Now something else that piqued my interest on this particular device is in the settings menu I know that seems strange like what are you doing digging through the settings menu there’s something called digital wellbeing. if I click on this, this is all about how you use your smartphone where you’re spending your time how you might want to make adjustments to that time spent you can see here it’ll tell me how much use I’ve had today and where it was spent Google camera photos YouTube you can set timers and reminders so that you’re not spending too much time in apps or on your phone in general.


you can use a feature called Shh placing your phone face down on a surface may be at a restaurant at home on your nightstand we’ll put the device into do not disturb mode just by placing it down like that give you a little bit more control over your consumption

I mentioned earlier that this device has wireless charging, of course, a big fan of wireless charging I really missed it on the previous version of the pixel and not only that they’re actually making their own version first-party accessory wireless charge dock. it’s a soft touch kind of material and it works like this you just phone right on the dock like That boom starts charging it’s also quick wireless charging so it’s not gonna take forever to charge up your device that’s, of course, one of the criticisms of wireless, this piece here is gonna retail for $79. The 3 XL is going to start at 899 USD and standard pixel 3 will start at $799 USD so obviously, these things are squarely planted in the premium price range.

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