Okija Youths spotted at work on a damaged road Neglected by Obiano’s Government

The people of Umuhu, Ubahuezike, okija in Ihiala Local Government Council of Anambra State, have cried out to Governor Willy Obiano over the deplorable condition of some portions of Nkwo-Okija road which connects the town to major cities in the state.

The community lamented that the condition of the roads is negatively impacting on the economic life of the people. During heavy down pour, floods often wash away their cultivated farm crops thereby causing food evacuation and unnecessary stand still in the local community.

In fact, on a typical rainy day, commercial and social activities are completely shut down in Umuhu as the roads are flooded making it impossible for access into the popular Nkwo Market, Health centers and banks. Motorists have virtually abandoned the road as a result of the damage their vehicles sustain on the road

All communal efforts to provide palliative had not worked because the scope of the damage on the road is huge and well above the scope of community effort; it needs quality and expert action, which the government can provide.

The community have sent a Save Our Soul to Governor Willy Obiano to intervene to save the people from impending disaster as the flood resulting from the bad condition of the road poses serious threat to some residents in the community.

There’s further plea to the Governor Obiano on the need to open up rural roads that connect the community with neighbouring communities of Eziagu, Ezira, Isulo for ease of transporting their farm produce to enhance their economy.


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