Are you looking for a Ladies in Nairobi and their phone numbers, if yes then here are samples of their photos of some of the hottest Ladies you can think of when it comes to Ladies business in Nairobi Kenya. Phone number WhatsApp and face book group links and photo. No agent.


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In this post we shall be showing some photos of Ladies in Nairobi who are seriously looking for men and boys for serious divine connections.

If you are not in for a serious deal with these ladies, then get kicked out as they wouldn’t appreciate immature minds after giving us their details for publication.

For those who have been looking for the opportunity to connect these Ladies, the opportunity you seek presents itself here now. Do not miss this chance by feeling less concerned as such chances don’t always present themselves for ladies to give out their details.

Enough of the tails, let get on the Photos of the most Ladies in Kenya most beautiful city Nairobi:

Note: to get the phone numbers of the Ladies, drop a comment in the comment box

1. Azima:
Mama Azima is my name and don’t need much talk, if you love me, just hit me up and I will get across to you. You don’t need to where I live cos I need guys as we travel around nairobi.

2. Ladies Hasana
My name is Ladies Hasana, I live in Nairobi age 28. Single mother and financially stable.
I live in Tom Mboya Street and will respond to you if you mention me in the comment box below.

3. Ladies Chriki
I am Chriki 21 year old in Nairobi Kenya, I just broke up with my boyfriend and seriously need a handsome guy within my age to cruise life with. My dad has real M. I live in Moi Avenue.
My Dad owns one of the biggest superstores in my street

Hit me up with a comment and I will add you on any of the suitable social networking platform.I hate lies and guys who are timid and cannot be bold.

4. Halima:
I am Halima and need a guy withing the age of 25 to 37 for serious connect,

5. Ashanti
I am Ashanti and need a guy to marry.

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