Kano Hausa Single Ladies : Hot Jasmine Wants a Strong Young Man

Readers of schoolcollege.ng knows that this portal is NOT based only for single ladies connections. We also provide guys with beautiful Ladies who are interested in having a serious relationship. However, this is not the case with Jasmine, she is a very beautiful girl from a Rich Political Family in Northern Nigeria.



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She took to our whatsapp group, where she says she is looking for a strong man who is capable of satisfying her. Take note that she will pay you handsomely. Money is not her problem.

Jasmine is betrothed to a Former Governor’s son, and will be getting married next year. However, this is not stopping her from enjoying herself.

Jasmine is a wonderful girl who has always been vocal. She didn’t waste time in writing a long post. She says she is looking for any guy who can love her very strongly.

So are you eager and would love to get connected with Jasmine? You should know we have her phone number right here and will be giving it to anyone she chooses.

Here’s what she Wrote;
Are you strong enough in bed? Are you sure you can satisfy me every time? If yes, it is quite simply, I will take you as my lover boy. I enjoy a lot whenever a man make me to scream while holding my pillow. This is the best moment of my life. You should probably know that money is not the problem and has never been a problem in my family. As a daughter of a retired general, I can take care of anyone especially any guy that is capable of satisfying me. If you think you can do, drop your age, location and contacts.