Help me connect with a guy close to me : Sugar Mummy request

I need someone i can always be with. It’s not always easy for me lately as I divorced my husband. Life is fun when you have the best people around you.

I will give him money or anything he wants just need him to love me sincerely.


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  1. I have tried to get one over 5 month now but I haven’t, I really need who to be with, who to hold, who to love in my life, who to call darling.
    Can someone help me?
    Am a lover dieing to have a lover beside me 🥺🙏
    Here is my Whatsapp number 2347026431348 you can still call me.

  2. Dear, are you searching for sincere love and a loving & caring man who always with you. If so I am here, Darling. I am Umesh PV from India. Invite you to my FB page. My FB ID is Umesh PV Tlvl. My phone and WhatsApp No. is +918304872022. Pls don’t hesitate to contact me. Love you much.

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