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We all know how powerful Google is by the fact that they can release one tweet put that out there on the internet and have everybody thinking, hmm what is Google going to release at this event now they’re released through different products and I’m going to go over all three of them but we’ll start with pixel 3 now whether you know or not what the pixel is like from the leaks or whether you watched the stream.

I’m still gonna cover everything whether you know it or not but the main thing that I want to say right at the start of this is the pixel 3 versus the pixel 2 its previous generation phone reminds me a lot too of an S upgrade along with the iPhone line it’s not a massive change but it’s a few things which made what was already good a little bit better now start out with the back of the device.


The first thing I noticed was how different it felt versus the pixel 2 when holding it so the main design difference is the phone is all glass top to bottom on the front and back which I absolutely love and it was instant to tell that this was a new phone versus the old pixel just by holding it but there’s no doubt in looking at this thing and thinking to yourself that yes that is still a pixel, which is kind of really good for Google’s well ecosystem but on the back of the phone you still get the sort of two-tone design that was seen on the pixel 2.

Now the way they’ve done this is so frosted the glass in a way is the best way to describe it and that then makes for a slipper device which is one downside and they’ve also gone ahead and moved the SIM card tray to the bottom of the device which leaves the whole left-hand side of the device totally smooth which yeah this thing is a little bit slipper than the previous gen and it’s also a little bit heavier because of that glass but in my opinion that’s a welcome change.


Now the three colours that you can get the new phone in are

1.) Just black

2.) Clearly white

3.) Not pink


Now probably the most buzzed-about feature on the brand new pixel 3 is those screens, the notch is quite girth on the pixel 3 XL and there’s no notch altogether on the pixel 3 but what they do share which is brand new is IP67 water resistance on both models and they both have a set of absolutely cracking front facing left and right speakers there’s no headphone jack on either model and also no expandable storage and on the smaller variant of the phone you’ve got 2900 milliamp hour battery and on the larger phone the XL you got 3400 milliamp now there’s no new fancy unlocking features like you can find over on the iPhone or any other phone with some sort of face ID unlock.

you guys that wanted that but there still is the trusty reliable fingerprint reader in the best place possible on a flagship in 2018 right on the back, up there in the center and also speaking of circles a single camera on both devices.

so yeah the notch it’s large you probably thinking what’s the reason for that if this thing doesn’t have some sort of incredible camera system that can do face ID or recognize your face or scan you in some way shape or form and why has the back camera only got one lens when there’s so many Joule and even triple lens phones coming out right now what gives here well what they’ve done is actually really exciting.

Exciting starts really on the front, on that notch there’s actually two cameras one normal and then one super wide angle one which can capture a 184 % larger image than the front-facing camera of an iPhone XS max super wide there’s something I really think a lot of people will adopt and absolutely love and then miss it on other smartphones.

Now the next thing to talk about on the camera front is actually on the inside of the phone it’s what Google are calling the pixel core now as far as I can understand it takes Google sort of learning an API from the cloud and then stores it in the phone for real-time photo analysis, as soon as you click the shutter and that allows for some really intelligent things now it’s not things that we haven’t seen on other.

It can also do things like you can change the aperture in the portrait mode, it will always captured the right moment by capturing numerous photos before and after you click the shutter button so if you missed the moment you can just go back and choose a different photo just before you click the shutter and it can also take numerous photos at once they call it advanced HDR and merge them together and using that same technique and the pixel core on the phone you can achieve apparently some really awesome low-light results but these are Google’s words and not mine

The next camera features that I’m going to list out for you guys, one of them is called night sight. Which is there well as I’ve just said they’re ultra-low light performance mechanism inside of the camera night sight.

There is what’s called a super res zoom now don’t get that confused with either optical or digital zoom apparently what it does is take lots of photos with the movement or shake of your hand and then sort of digitally enhanced the quality of the photo so when you zoom in you don’t lose quality. The new camera chip inside of the phone can also detect when people have their eyes closed or if they sneeze or if they for some or whatever reasons look away just as the camera takes the photo it’ll not choose the bad photo with somebody’s eyes closed it will recognize and choose and go back, so everybody’s eyes are open and everybody’s smiling as to which it can also automatically take a photo when you smile.

However a lot of these features will be coming in a software update to the previous pixel phones but a lot of the new features on this phone are actually with the software not necessarily the hardware a few of the awesome ones that I managed to pick out for you guys were the fact that you can well have the phone answer a phone call for you so you see an incoming call come in, you can click a button it will then tell the person that’s ringing you look you’re speaking to a phone who is speaking and then the phone will dictate and write on the screen what the other person is saying and get them to leave a message which will come on the phone in text in real time you won’t have to talk to a cold caller ever again.

The phone starts at 800 pounds in at the 64 gigabyte variant but Google are always hammering on about their unlimited cloud storage for photos in full resolution so not surprised they haven’t gone for a 256 or even a 512 gig of storage very in here and you can pick up the new pixel charger for $79 it’s not as easy off so there you have it it’s pretty much all machine learning, which is what we always see from Google really but it’s what they’re best for.

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