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My reactions to the pixel 3 the 3 XL the Google Home Hub and the pixel slate and sure we pretty much knew what Hardware would look like but if you already turned off by that you missed out because it’s all about hardware and software together.

Now we’ve got to start with the flagship that’s the one everyone wants to hear about that’s the pixel 3 and 3XL phones there’s no surprises with how it looked but I do like that all glass bootie with two different textures that allows it to have wireless charging we did see a whole lot of the back of the phone during the keynote and it was almost like they were hiding the notch like they made sure they were notch going to focus on it.

Apple fan boys were all up in arms until I pointed out that Apple is doing the same thing with their new wallpapers come on no one really likes a phones

I love how Google absolutely leaned into what makes their phone great and that’s the camera top shot that feature gets you the best moment from a picture and this might end up being the most valuable one super res zoom all up in there and it’s based on how they take pictures of the surface of Mars but then they had to go savage with night sight and their side-by-side comparison with the competition labeled as iPhone 10s with a lowercase s

I don’t know if that was on purpose I’m sure it was but if that wasn’t throwing enough shade the picture was even worse and honestly I’m not sure what setting that was.

that looks like a picture from like an iPhone 3GS but the iPhone 10s takes better pictures than that like we all know that or does it okay

Google lens is great for that friend or co-worker of yours who is always copying what everyone else does so instead of asking you directly they can now buy style off without asking with Google lens but there were so many other photo features that were truly top-notch and I thought it was funny just how the depth of field adjustment which has existed before the pixel 3 and before the iPhone 10s got like a 4 second mention because it’s been done before now this won’t be the deciding factor for you but legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz recommended the iPhone as what she called the snapshot camera of today back in 2011 but you know what things have changed she’s now using the pixel 3 on an unnamed project but Conde Nast is also using it for seven of their magazine covers and they’re the first to shoot a list talent and you know those A-listers they really care how they look I can totally relate I know exactly how they feel.

just another part of this story that the pixel three and three XL camera is striving to be the best on the market from a future standpoint this camera is absolutely the best how it rates out because no matter what you say ecosystem is still stronger than the best camera on a phone but then right Google over here continues to look like a better and better option if you’re really going to leave one platform for another and if you’re already a pixel owner.You are loving its features

now the pixel 3 starts at $799 for 64 gigs $899 for 128 the 3xl starts at 899 for 64 gigs and $999 for 128gigs but you are getting unlimited photo storage at full resolution for no additional cost and that lasts until January 31st 2022 now we have the $79 pixel stand for wireless charging and new display modes it’s nice if you want it and the phones start shipping in the US on October the 18th now these are the most expensive phones Google has ever made and that’s a $150 price point hit than the pixel twos base model price last year.

let’s go back you know we were talking about the ecosystem we’ve got to talk about the Google home hub you know we’ve seen AI products with a screen but from first impressions the home hub looks like the best one on the market especially if you’re in the Google ecosystem right you have the power of Google assistant I’m a fan of it not having a camera on it but then being the true center of the smart home and being able to effortlessly control your thermostats or access your home with the Google home from $149 I was genuinely impressed because this feels like the first product that is truly tying it all together especially again if you’re in the ecosystem or even if you’re just using the Google home for your smart home ecosystem.

Google they keep getting better they do have the smarter AI it doesn’t support as many products at 5,000 but that’s still a whole lot and you know now looking at them they’re really neck-and-neck and now Google has this hub and they really impress me with that and you know what that’s a good goal. Apple still got so much work to do here sure needs help and you’ll need to bump up your smart home accessory support to more than the less than 300 devices it currently stands out I’m serious yikes but the most embarrassing moment of the keynote when the pumpkin-carving answer came up before our presenter finished his query.

hey Google show me how to carve a pot had a car of Halloween pumpkins on YouTube come on that was fake and that’s Google boom so basically someone in the back is like pressing the buttons The whole time but you know what I kind of got to blame the presenter who through the production crew off with this request that even a human wouldn’t understand. maybe Google does know everything we say before we even say it

pixels slate I think the hardware looks great is their first Chrome OS tablet that can also bring a true laptop desktop experience as well with its keyboard accessory it has a 293 pixel per inch density the highest ins class and really everything about this product from a hardware standpoint is great but for me it’s not enough just because I require a whole lot more intensive software apps that it doesn’t support yet but if you’re someone that gets by with Google Apps email and web browsing this is a great product for you it’s just not for me and I actually like it I just wouldn’t use it in my daily flow now the pixel slate starts at $599 the pixel Slate keyboard at $199 and the midnight blue pixel pen is $99.

there is currently a wait list for the first two and overall let’s think about this right Google did a great job to push into new areas we saw all the leaks they were actually able to lean into the features a lot more which I liked and this is a real efficient keynote that’s stayed on target it wasn’t muddied by over explaining things or treating a feature like it was something we’ve never heard of and it also come on it helps when people aren’t clapping every two or three sentences so I want to know what did you think of the product announcements and the keynote overall did you like what you saw or do you think Google didn’t do enough I mean what are you gonna get or not gonna get

I’d love to hear what you think.

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