Google Event – Everything You Need to Know

Google Event – Everything You Need to Know

Google Event – Everything You Need to Know

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I’m so glad you’ve joined us so first for life on the Google design the world’s best camera and put it in the world’s most helpful phone introducing the beautiful new pixel 3.

The new pixel comes in to display sizes the 5.5-inch pixel 3 and the 6.3-inch pixel 3XL the front firing stereo speakers are 40% louder and richer than last year perfect for a video call or for playing music. They introduce zero shutter lag HDR + in the first pixel it blew away traditional HDR methods and Google is still the only ones to use this method when you press the shutter pixel captures a burst of short several short exposures. Pixel combines the images algorithmically to create an image that is brighter more detailed and more colourful this technology is generations ahead of other smartphones.

Top shot: – automatically captures alternate shots in HDR plus so your timing wasn’t perfect it will suggest a better one you can also scroll through the alternates and save one of those instead and then there’s

Super res zoom: – instead of shooting a grainy photo, pixel three shoots a burst of photos each a bit different taking advantage of the natural tiny movements of your hand you can guess what happens. Next, you run the variations through a merging algorithm to create a beautiful zoomed in shot.

Night sight:- works so well you’ll never use your flash again let’s take a look these shots are completely untouched night sight makes pixel the best low-light smartphone camera we added a second camera on the front that captures 184% more of the scene than iPhone 10s now you can fit everyone in the shot without a selfie stick or unusually long arms just zoom out the difference is striking.

we’ve evolved an AI sticker to what we now call playground and both sit into both the front and rear cameras characters can now also respond to your actions and facial expressions they look like they’re really in the scene with you for even more playful though photos and videos this year

we integrated Google lens directly into the pixel 3 camera pointed at a takeout menu and lens will pull out the phone number to call point at a movie poster to click through to the URL there are a lot of brilliant new superpowers coming in pixel 3s camera so here’s a quick list of some of the other features you’ll see in our demo area later.

photo booth mode automatically snaps photos with a smile or when you make a funny face no shutter button needed with motion autofocus just tap on people puppies or anything else that won’t coastal and they’ll stay in focus as they move around the frame

We made a few enhancements the portrait mode you can edit the depth of field in a portrait you can also change the focal subject of the photo or make the colour pop.

one of the best aspects of pixel 3 is free unlimited storage at an original quality you’ll never have to worry about storing syncing or finding your photos.

when you get that call and you can’t or don’t want to pick up just tap the screen call button and your phone will answer for you and ask who’s calling and why as you can see here the conversation is transcribed in real-time on your screen you can decide whether to pick up, Sena quick reply or mark the call BAM you’ll never have to talk to another telemarketer.

we all know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by notifications so we’ve developed a feature we call flip to shush an easy gesture to minimize distractions just turn your phone upside down on the table your pixel will take the hint and mute sounds and notifications so you can have a quiet dinner with friends or spend some time with your family

We’re excited to introduce the smartest wireless charger ever the new pixel Stand. pixel stand isn’t just a charger it changes the way you interact with your phone thanks to the Google assistant when you dock your phone the UI adjusts to being easily glance-able from across the room you can control it with your voice or the one touch of suggestions on the display.

pixel 3 is available for pre-order now starting at $799 and pixel stand is $79 pixel 3 will on October 18th in the US through Verizon and unlocked on the Google store and project by Google


pixel slate is a completely new experience giving you powerful productivity in a fresh mobile form something that isn’t a laptop trying to be a tablet because we wants a fan on their tablet or a tablet that’s really a phone pretending to be a computer instead we combine the helpful elements of all of these devices to create a modern computing experience people have been asking for we design pixel slate to be both thin and light it’s crafted with beautiful lines and rounded edges in a stylish midnight blue.

it has a perfectly balanced centre of gravity so it’s incredibly comfortable to hold pixel slate is engineered with a stunning detailed display so sitting back to enjoy a movie is better than ever it has 293 pixels per inch that are 6 million pixels for the sharpest picture in the category to get to this level of quality pixel slate uses a custom display with low-temperature polycrystalline silicon technology which allows for a hundred times faster movement of electrons versus a standard display as a result you can efficiently light up a massive number of pixels your movies, photos and games will be stunning in vibrant colours and brilliant resolution.

now a brilliant display doesn’t mean much without great sound so with pixel slate we’ve positioned the speakers on the front of the device so they can direct stereo sound towards you instead of out towards the walls or the floor it’s also a great device for cord cutters and nothing brings us to live better than YouTube TV.

we’re excited to give you three months of YouTube TV with the purchase of a new pixel slate or pixel book so you get live TV for more than 60 networks including sports and local news, we’ve also designed the front-facing camera to be perfect for video chat it has a wide-angle lens so you can fit every the frame in a sensor with larger pixels which allows for excellent low-light performance pixel slate represents a new chapter for Chrome OS the UI is now optimized to be simple and easy to use on a touchscreen it’s a Chrome OS experience that’s meant to be held in your hands and at the same time.

it gives you a full desktop experience, not one designed for a phone you can work the way that you’re used to working you can even run developer tools and full-powered Linux applications check out the reconfigured launcher instead of hunting for the app you need machine learning customizes the launcher just for you suggesting the apps that you’re most likely looking for it’s your own personal Google right at your fingertips and now with pixel slate the Google assistant is even more deeply integrated within Chrome OS simply use your voice and the assistant can help you find a restaurant, dictate an email or play your favourite show pixel slate also includes a tightened security chip so your information device passwords and operating system are protected on your device and to eliminate the fuss of typing your password pixel slates power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor so you can unlock it just as quickly and securely as you do your pixel phone but a true desktop experience demands a great keyboard so we created the pixel slate keyboard

the keyboard connects to pixel slate in a snap no pairing or charging needed just connect it and start typing it’s full size backlit keyboard is incredibly comfortable to type on the rounded hush keys are soft and quiet so you hope you’re that person with a loud clacked keyboard the folio is infinitely adjustable so you can comfortably use it at any angle you’d like pixel slate comes in several configurations starting at $599 pixel slate keyboard is $199 and pixel book pen is $99


With Google home hub we’ve redesigned Google’s most helpful services like search YouTube maps calendar and photos so they’re easily controllable with your voice and provide glanceable help

obsessed about what a display designed specifically for your home should do the elegant floating display is big enough so that you can see things even from across the room but it’s small enough to fit in any space in your home we also consciously did not put a camera on hub so that it was comfortable to use in the private spaces of your home like your bedroom.

we made sure that hub can respond automatically to the ambient light in the room to do this we developed a feature called ambient EQ with ambient EQ we take a dedicated sensor and combined it with our own imaging algorithms so that we can fine-tune the brightness and colour of the display so now hub can respond automatically to the bright white tones of natural light that you get during the day and then gradually shift into the oranges and yellows of your indoor lights in the evening

we want to build a thoughtful home for our users and where this comes to life the most is in how easy it is with hub to set up manage and control your devices you can even see the state of your entire home at a glance with hub we’re introducing home view with the swipe down from the top of the screen you can bring up a simple dashboard the dashboard shows you the state of your entire home at a quick glance and provides you quick access to all your devices home view was designed to be super easy and intuitive to use with a simple tap or with your voice you can even see things by room so you can turn down the temperature in the bedroom and turn up the music in the living room it’s now all in one place for the very first time and easily accessible by everyone and your family and we’re providing the same level of control even if you’re not near your hub we’ve redesigned the Google map to be the mobile controller for your smart home it has the same home view – borders hub so now you can control all your devices from any phone even when you’re not at home now with nest devices we have all the tools in place to help take the experience of a thoughtful home to the very next level so we made sure that hub was deeply integrated with nest devices like nest camera nest thermostat and even hello doorbell so for instance if you’re having dinner and someone happens during your doorbell hub will automatically show you is at the front door and you can tap a quick response or use your voice to let your guests know that you’ll be right there we use machine learning to only show your best photos on hub we automatically filter out blurry photos underexposed photos those random pictures of things like receipts and even duplicate photos you can pre-order Google home hub on the Google store today for a hundred and forty nine dollars and it’s also available on October 22nd at retail locations here in the US UK and Australia made by Google devices empower people to do more with their day so they have to do less with their tap and they can focus on what matters most really appreciate you being here with us today thank you have a great day.

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