Women’s need:Things you must not do to your new wife or girlfriend

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Understanding women need. Women are known as the soft side when it comes to relationships. They almost certainly won’t need you to make them feel less than their worth or treat them in a keenly bad way.

women need


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On the other side, while learning how to become a good man and somewhat a “husband material ” as a typical African settings will name it, it is very necessary that you take proper care if your wife at all cost.
Today, we will highlight major things you must not do to your wife. In fact when you do it, you are pushing her towards the end of quitting the relationship.

To understand what women need and not go beyond that, please read through this highlighted points.

  1. Do not shout at her.
    most beautiful women in the world demand that respect from you. Never at any time should you shout at them, if you do you will be regarded as an irresponsible man .They might end the relationship just there
  2. Do not always compare them
    Why compare a woman with another woman, they are created in that perfect way by the perfect and most loving true God. Why make them feel less than they are by simply comparing them with a supposed better person. If you want your spouse to enjoy that feeling of love and want then you must be ready to make her feel like the most amazing woman in the world. Shower her with love talks and everything else follow suit. You will get the better side of her when you do that. it’s a perfect and most amazing way you can make her to love you more.


  1. Do not despise her when she’s wrong.

As humans, we are born imperfect, at some point, your wife might step in a toe or get things done in a wrong way. As a man, you must learn to help her grow into a perfect woman. Ignore her flaws, do things that can bring the perfect being in her. Only that way you can make her happy exceedingly.

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