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Sugarmummy in Capetown, SA

My name is tori, I’m south African, Capetown to be precised. I just broke up with my Nigerian boyfriend who knows a hundred ways to choke me on his junk and we never getting back. Oh, I miss niaja junk, you have no idea, how demented, Ive been this couple of weeks after breakup, I can’t even settle for less, these men will never give me satisfaction.

Well, it all started when I came to Lagos couple of years back for a Vacation, I never imagined it would be worth my time let alone fun. Then I bumped into the sweet Nigerian guy with really large sweet junk. No one can imagine the kind of mad fantasy this boy gave me. I literally lost it all, and was proud of myself as I could now go on several round and have multiple org***m without feeling sour. We went on day and night and every damm place in Lagos, movie cinema, club, pubic toilet, bars, beach, hotel balcony…. I couldn’t possible name it all but it was vague pleasure. Sadly he couldn’t come with me to Capetown after my vacation due to personal reasons. Well not long after that I met another Nigerian guy who was so good and adventurous but a little possessive and naggy, and I need really wanted that. He even got abusive at some point saying the effing L word, well that means absolutely nothing to me. I have my own money, I don’t need no man telling me what to do. I just need him to screw the hell out of me. I will pay.

Im in my late twenties and I come from a very wealthy family, we are old money, I don’t need to work or anything. Lol, I get paid for being born into existence, bear in mind, I will change your life and you would recognize yourself in a couple of months, I am vastly connected and could make your dreams come true. FYI, I’m not looking for some serious relationship where the guy wants to control my life. I’m not looking for love. Just seeking a guy who can enslave me in bed. Damm! I’m so effing honey*

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Sugar mummy in Cape Town, South Africa

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