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My name is Aniella, I’ve never been married or been in love and really dated anyone. I’ve done the stuffs including smashing. Well I lost it late at 28yrs, to this dude who is mean and unkind.

I’m an American Incase you are wondering and I just recently moved to Johannesburg in South Africa for work, a WHO research program. I’m sort of a doctor/ scientist. Don’t wonna go into details before I bore you.

I just recently met this dude who is so nice to me here in Johannesburg. We could do a relationship as he was married but he mentioned to me there were many Nigerian men and most other African men who wants to marry white woman like me.

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That’s very delightful as I have wanted nothing more than to have my own actually family. I was raised in foster homes and I always admired normal home with happy couple and kids. It was something I never really had so I imagined a lot about having my own family someday.

Here is the deal. Finding someone who shares same interest as me. Don’t mind any part of the world. I prefer them chocolate, black I mean. I want babies, pretty brown babies. I don’t care about his financial status or educational status despite I’m well learned and typically a nerd. Hahaha. I can actually blend with every kind of person and species. I mean I literally communicate with animals lol.

Most importantly, I want a very serious relationship and if we happen to fall in love in a week, we will be married. Just like that. A man to build, share and connect with is all I ask. My life and career is comfortable enough. I just need a man to complete it.

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I’m 5ft4, not thick nor slender. I am a vegetarian but I can typical eat and learn to cook any Africa dish. Beside I love the aroma.  And I’ve tasted some and they taste quite great. Except I typically stay away from the beefs but I can do beef for the man I love.

This is almost exciting. Please help connect me to the next available single guy that is interest. Thanks. Waiting.


Aniella Sydney.


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