How to Say Afternoon Prayer for Meeting – good short prayer

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Afternoon Prayer

The bible encourages us to pray all the time. It is beneficial to have times in the day when we pause and give thanks, adore God, or pour out our concerns to Him to help us stay in a prayerful mindset. Here are some short prayers for times when this might be appropriate in the afternoon:

Mid Afternoon Prayer

Lord God,

Thank you for the morning, for watching over me and walking with me.
May I find rest and peace this afternoon in all I do, that I may gather strength to work for you until nightfall.


(a short prayer for the afternoon from

 prayers for waking. A selection of contemporary prayers for beginning your day with.

Short Prayer of Thanks

You may wish to have in mind things that you are thankful for today as you pray this prayer:-

Short prayer of thanks with flower in the background

Short Afternoon Prayer

O Lord,

Help me to be fully alive in this afternoon.
May I engage with your promises for me and walk forwards without fear into all you have for me.


(a contemporary prayer for the afternoon from

The Lord’s Prayer

(This prayer covers many aspects of good prayer life – the adoration of God, asking for forgiveness and forgiving others, and asking for provision and protection).

The Lord's Prayer with image of a cross on a hill side

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