How to catch your cheating Nigerian man

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Are you a foreigner seeing a Nigerian man?  Do you think your Nigerian boy friend cheating on you?  Or are you scared of dating a Nigerian man because you think they’re all cheat?  Let’s help you solve this puzzle with our relationship advice. This advice will benefit Nigerian babes also. Watch your man.


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Does your instinct tell you your man is cheating on you? Then, it just might be right and shouldn’t be ignored.

The dangers of a cheating partner to your physical and emotional health are just too much for you to ignore. You stand the risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and you don’t want that.

You’ve seen the signs and you gut feeling tells you your man is up to no good. How far are you willing to go to confirm your suspicions?

If you’re worried that your man is cheating on you and you want to find out, here are some ways that might help you.

1. Be on guard

Just pretend like everything’s normal and watch your partner’s behavior for some time. Don’t let him suspect that you’re watching him. Don’t make it obvious that you’re spying on him.

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2. Check his phone

Gaining access to your cheating partner’s cell phone will provide you with all the evidence you need to prove his affairs. It can be very difficult especially if he’s very careful and takes his phone everywhere. Whenever you get the chance, don’t let it pass you by. Look at history, messages and everything that can help confirm your suspicions.

3. Call any suspicious number

Call any suspicious number and see who answers. Make sure you have good plan on how to achieve your goal. Also, make sure your number is private and better have a good reason for calling.

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4. Spy on all his social media accounts

With the advent of social media, your partner is more exposed to cheating. Temptations are available 24/7 and he may just fall. Monitor all his social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, all of them.

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5. Drop by unannounced

Always have a good excuse to drop by at any time unannounced. Pay him a surprise visit at work or his house and don’t make it obvious you’re suspecting him. You just might catch him in the act.

6. Set him up

You can get the help of a friend he doesn’t know. Get her to try to seduce him and see if he falls for it. But, be careful because it might backfire.

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7. Flirt with him on Facebook with a fake profile

You can open a fake Facebook account and add a lot of random people to make your account seem legitimate. Send him an invite and get friendly with him. After a while, start flirting with him to see his reaction.

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8. Check for clues

Keep an eye out for the presence of any unusual female item in his car or house. Some women always leave something behind.

9. Follow him after a fight

Some cheating partners deliberately pick up a fight so they can have an excuse to leave the house and go meet up with their other lover. If this has become a habit, try to follow him on one of those days. Remember to have a good excuse if they catch you trailing them.

Remember that if he catches you spying on him, it could be the end of your relationship. If you catch him cheating, it might also be the end of the relationship

So, before you decide to catch your cheating partner, take time to ask yourself, “do I really want to find out?” If not, then maybe it’s better to just turn a blind eye and spare yourself the pain.

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